I always wanted to take pictures but never had access to a camera until my friend Bailey gave me a film camera (Canon FTb to be exact) for Christmas one year. After having CVS lose one of my rolls of film, I started processing film myself in my closet. From there it was a slippery slope, buying short ends of movie film, bulk loading my own rolls, researching alternative film processes/dark room techniques, repurposing old cameras, modifying lenses, etc. Since I’m self-taught, I never had a “rule book” which I think really helped me discover my own style because anything went and nothing was “wrong” in my eyes. I’m sure classically trained film photographers would shudder at some of the things I do haha. 

Why Shrk_bait?

While I do love me some Finding Nemo, it’s a nick name that stuck. I don’t even remember who called me that initially.

What's with the Acid?

As much as I like making tongue in cheek references to 60s LSD culture, it actually refers to the chemical process I use to alter the images archiving that psychedelic finish. It just seems too perfect not to run with it.